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About us

About us

Giorgio Guarnieri

Live Aid Radio born from an idea by Giorgio Guarnieri to celebrate the biggest Rock event in history, the Live Aid of 13 July 1985. I was born in Rome, Italy, i’m 54 years old and I am a big fan of Live Aid so much to collect a lot of merchandising material from all over the world

The no-profit project Live Aid Radio was born exactly on November 24th 2017, becoming the first webradio in the world dedicated to Bob Geldof and Live Aid. We broadcast the music of the 80s

We have had the privilege of organizing many live concerts with charitable purposes and have contributed to the donation of the proceeds to no-profit organizations that carry out their activities in Africa. We had the honor of donating toys to the pediatric oncology department of the Gemelli hospital in Rome for children who live their personal battle every day

It’s important to underline that our web radio is no-profit and is financed exclusively with our personal works